Idyllic Appreciation (knigel) wrote in manhunt_vancity,
Idyllic Appreciation

Pirate vs. Ninja 7 Day Urban Gaming Clash June 4th-10th

The war between Pirates and Ninjas has continued over countless generations. Will this be the final showdown between Pirates and Ninjas? The clash will continue each day, for seven days. Each will be able to show their merit as a true Pirate or Ninja through a series of challenges. These challenges will consist of Manhunt, Ringolevio, Water Gun Fights, Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, Sardines, Bigger the Better, and more.

We also encourage everyone to wear your best attire to the events. Eye patches, peg legs, black garb, etc. Note of caution: Be careful of running after people with fake knives or swords down the street, you might freak someone out if they think it’s real. Feel free to bring your water guns as well; however, do not shoot anyone who doesn’t want to be shot, and remember that you have to run with the thing.

We would be very grateful for any feedback, suggestions, ideas, or hate-mail. This is an event for the community, so we would like as much participation as possible.

Event schedule:
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