Idyllic Appreciation (knigel) wrote in manhunt_vancity,
Idyllic Appreciation

Parkour/Free Running Manhunt! (TODAY!)

Saturday, July 7, 2007 ~ 2:00pm - 6:00pm @ The Art Gallery (W.Georgia & Howe) & Stadium Station ( Dunsmuir & Beatty)

This Saturday we will play Manhunt Parkour style for many of the members from Parkour BC ( ). Everything is part of the playground and everyone will be encouraged to use everything available. Running up walls, climbing buildings, and jumping over any obstacle is not only allowed, it is preferred. (within the boundaries of the law and personal safety of course)

While many will take on the extreme challenges, we will still be open to all other players like every Manhunt game — everyone is welcome to join in and have a blast.

We will meet at the art gallery at 2:00pm for a warm-up, and then we will go to Stadium Skytrain Station for the games. Call me at 778-228-2441 if you come late and want to know where we are.

Afterwards, we will go for dinner and refreshments.

If you have Facebook and would like to RSVP:

For more information on Parkour:
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